3rd Annual Report 2079/80


Manakamana Engineering Hydropower Ltd. is a public limited company established under compannies act in (2067/04/02 B.S.).
There are full time members in the Board of Directors (BoD) at present.


Brighten the nation by maximum utilization of water resources and bring prosperity to people through hydropower development.

About Us

Manakamana Engineering Hydroelectric Project is entirely financed from the domestic financial institutions and companies.


The Company has completed Ghattekhola Hydropower Proect-5MW and planning for new Hydro electricity project.

Contact Us

We are situated in Anamnagar, Kathmandu.

Vision Mission

Become the top hydro power investment company in Dolakha and Nepal by mobilizing funds for investment in generation, transmission and distribution of hydroelectricity and free the country from the chronic power shortage, provide energy security and realize its export potentials.


Company : Manakamana Engineering Hydroelectric Project
Company Regd. No : 2026251/075/076
PAN : 606546236 dated BS 2075/08/03
Certificate of Industry Regd. : 6582 dated BS 2079/05/26


AGM of Manakamana Engineering Hydroelectric Project
- AGM Notice 2078
- 3rd AGM of Manakamana Engineering Hydroelectric Project