about Manakamana Engineering Hydropower Ltd.

Manakamana Engineering Hydropower Ltd. is a public limited company established under compannies act in (2067/04/02 B.S.). There are full time members in the Board of Directors (BoD) at present.

The Manakamana Engineering Hydroelectric Project is entirely financed from the domestic financial institutions and companies.
The Company has completed Ghattekhola Hydropower Proect-5MW and planning for new Hydro electricity project.

  1. First Stage : Manakamana Engineering Hydropower Pvt. Ltd. by 2014,
  2. Second Stage : Diversion of Rolwaling River to the UTKHEP intake pond by 2015, and
  3. Third Stage : Ghattekhola River V (5 MW) and Manakamana Engineering Hydropower Ltd. A HEP (5 MW) by 2016.

Meet Our Team


Krishna Bahadur Upreti


Ram hari Bajagain


Narayan Dhatt Timalsina


Radheshyam Khadka